Keystone Information Sales and Services

Keystone Information Sales and Services:

What's new...

We are currently working on a number of web sites presenting information on a variety of topics.

We've recently entered into an agreement to supply encryption equipment to various departments of the Federal Govrnment.

New sites and subjects are constantly under development. A page is being planned abd will be added to track and link our many sites.

We've also enterned into a joint venture to offer additional research website and content services. More on this important effort to follow.

Much more to come! Keep an eye on this tab as well as new pages for detailed information as it comes available.

Our Objective...

Keystone ISS Inc's web sites are first and foremost a valuable information resource for the communities which they serve.

Keystone offers a variety of products including information products and services through a variety of outlets, we pride ourselves in being a source for useable and reliable information.

Jeffrey M. Coney, CEO

Has led the firm since its inception in 2002, Mr. Coney, a self described "information junkie" has been involved in many areas of interest contained in our web sites.

Keystone ISS Staff:

This is predominately a family business but all areas of interest are areas that our staff members have a genuine interest in and can speak to from personal experience.

Subject Mater Experts:

We provide information from other knowledgeable sources, experts who write for our sites and offer the fruits of their experiences for more information about SME's please view the information on this page.

Our Sites...

Maps and Navigation DevicesOur initial offering of web sites is small but growing by leaps and bounds. In addition to these sites which are currently in the final stages of testing before uploading, we have a long list of future web sites and subjects to come.

All of our sites attempt to address many of our own complaints about other web sites Our idea is to consolidate all or most of the information the average user needs to find on a particular area of interest into one repository. Reducing the need to search and surf a dozen web sites to gather the information required. - Keystone Information Sales and Services... this site. This site itself is a new addition to the company and will simply act as a repository for corporate information and as a directory for our subsidiary sites, projects and areas of interest.

A Pile of - Coney's Stamps is a large repository of stamp collecting information, predominantly for the U.S. Generalist but offers a good bit of information for the topical and world wide collectors as well. This site is currently scheduled to go live by Late Spring. We have close to 600 pieces of content in the final review process for the grand opening and close to 450 in development or re-write. Those in re-write will be posted over the following 6 months.

Our target audience is the beginner to the expert and everyone in-between. If you are looking for some quick information to make start collecting, are looking for some advanced identification equipment and techniques or aren't really interested in Stamps as a hobby but looking for investment information this is the place for you.

A - Wood Shop Designs is intended to serve are a repository of information pertaining to wood shops. Everything from design and layout of the shop, selection and sources for tools/materials to the actual techniques and projects. This currently targets the serious hobbyist but may also be of use to the small or moderate professional as well. Among the features of this site is a database of trees/wood types detailing properties, preparation and uses. This site is scheduled to go live in minimal form by mid-March and grow rapidly.

This site is currently in design.

A - is an information resource and ecommerce / web store for scale items, informatoin and tools. Featured products include HO Locomotive Drive Bands, Wood Craftsman Kits, Detailing items and supplies, Card stock kits, Ballast, Gravel, Coal and ores, Ground covers and foliage, a variety of signage, decals, solar and other alternate power models, do-it-yourself information, books, tools and datacharts.

THis site is in progress.

products in progress


We invite you to explore this and our other sites as they become available. A web page describing future sites, subjects and other areas of interest is available for your viewing. We recommend that you stop by and check this site and our progress out often as we continue to convert our information resources and develop a web presents to display them.